Leading tech mobility firm, Urban.MASS commences strategic fundraising round on Floww Markets


Recognising the growing demand for innovative and sustainable mass transit solutions, Urban.MASS is now inviting funding via Floww Markets Ltd to accelerate the development and deployment of its groundbreaking Floc® Duo Rail™ system. Floww is an innovative platform, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, that connects scaling companies with venture capital and investors, based on merit and real data.

Urban.MASS specialises in the design and development of zero-emission mass transit solutions. Floc Duo Rail comprises a driverless, electrically powered pod running on an elevated track. The system boasts significant environmental benefits, emitting less than half the CO2 of comparable urban off-road alternatives, making it a valuable transit solution in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

The economic, social and environmental case for the investment is compelling: analysis commissioned by Urban.MASS and undertaken by US-based SMG Consulting identified a $814.3 billion total addressable market for new and replacement metros, rail systems, and bus rapid transport (BRT) projects across 213 cities in 41 countries. Already, Urban.MASS has secured strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Lotus Cars, Fleetonomy.ai, Grimshaw Architects, and WSP, highlighting the industry's confidence in the company's innovative approach.

Targeting global expansion, Urban.MASS plans to focus on initial projects in the Middle East, Europe, and North America, starting with smaller systems like 'feeder' lines and links from airports before expanding to city-wide metros. The fundraising round on Floww presents an opportunity for investors to support a transformative solution in the mass transit industry.

“This is an exciting moment for Urban.MASS – the fundraising round will help us take the next step in realising our vision for sustainable, efficient, and accessible urban transit globally. The funds are planned to expedite project deployments, research and development, and to enable further strategic collaborations. We decided to launch during CoP 28 as sustainable new disruptive technologies are the only way for us to accelerate decarbonisation as a global society.”

Co-founder, Ricky Sandhu

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