Urban.MASS and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority agreement: Emirate poised to become global leader in adopting Floc® Duo Rail™ mass transit


Dubai, UAE — 18 January, 2024 (11.50am): Today, a landmark agreement was signed between Urban.MASS and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to pioneer and develop the Floc® Duo Rail™ system’s deployment in Dubai. The ambition is to adapt and deliver the system’s first operational pilot in the Emirate, positioning Dubai as a global leader in innovative low carbon mass transport, and ultimately advancing the adoption of the concept worldwide.

Floc® Duo Rail™ comprises a driverless, electrically powered pods on an elevated track. The system boasts significant environmental benefits, dramatically reducing carbon emissions to 50% of comparable urban off-road alternatives, making it a valuable transit solution in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions; the company’s activities are focused on meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals. This partnership aims to support Dubai Vision 2033, highlighting the role of autonomous and electric vehicles in helping to establish the city as a knowledge-based, sustainable and innovation-centric global hub.

The MOU was signed by Abdulmuhsen Ibrahim Kalbat, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai’s Rail Agency and Kevin O’Grady, Chief Executive Officer of Urban.MASS. This was witnessed by Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Urban.MASS, Ricky Sandhu and attended by Oliver Christian, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East and Pakistan and HM Consul General to Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Celebrating the agreement, Abdul Mohsen Kalbat said:

“The RTA has signed this memorandum as part of its strategic plans to enhance and operate the world's first innovative transportation system called the "Floc Duo Rail." This system features double tracks that allow transportation units to move swiftly and efficiently within urban areas and operate without a driver. Moreover, it uses electrical energy.

This system uses short units during low peak periods and long units during high peak periods to meet the Emirate's needs effectively.

This step reflects the RTA's strategy for achieving sustainable development and improving the city's quality of life. The Authority reinforces its commitment to adopting the latest technologies and innovations in transportation, which enhances the passenger experience in the Emirate of Dubai.”

- Abdul Mohsen Kalbat, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Agency

The signing took place at the 2024 Dubai International Project Management Forum on 18th January.

“This commitment to the adaptation and deployment of our Floc® Duo Rail™ concept in Dubai is an exciting moment for Urban.MASS. We are grateful to our partners here in the UAE – RTA is a leading light in adopting innovative transport solutions, and we are inspired to work with their teams to demonstrate the advantages of the system. This is bigger than us as a company – it is about reducing emissions, providing efficient, low carbon transport that uses state-of-the-art technology, boosting UK business overseas and developing new relationships. We can’t wait to get started.”

- Ricky Sandhu, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Urban.MASS

As well as marking an exciting point in the journey of the Floc® Duo Rail™ system from concept to reality, the agreement is a significant boost for British infrastructure and design expertise overseas, strengthening UK/UAE business relations through sustainable transport goals. Oliver Christian, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East and Pakistan and HM Consul General to Dubai and the Northern Emirates commented: 

“I’m thrilled to see UK innovation in green mobility so strongly demonstrated here today. This agreement between urban.MASS and Dubai’s RTA is testament to the strength of the UK and the UAE’s joint commitment to reduce climate change, paving the way for sustainable mass transit through technology that will change the way people move around the city.”

- Oliver Christian, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East and Pakistan and HM Consul General to Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Urban.MASS is now inviting funding via London Stock Exchange Group’s Floww platform, to accelerate the development and deployment of its groundbreaking Floc® Duo Rail™ system. Floww is an innovative platform, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, that connects scaling companies with venture capital and investors, based on merit and real data.

Notes to editors:

  • About RTA: Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today's world, and its government recognises the importance of providing an advanced transport network. It prioritises initiatives to enhance public transport and improve roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother. To achieve this vision, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed by decree number 17 for the year 2005. RTA is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE and neighbouring countries in order to provide an effective and integrated transport system capable of serving the vital interests of the Emirate.
  • About Urban.MASS: A UK-based mobility business focused on the design and delivery of innovative, zero-emission mass transit solutions. Urban.MASS was founded to create affordable, accessible and connected mass transit for all, and to reduce congestion and pollution from passenger and cargo transport. Products include the Floc® Duo Rail® system, a flexible transit system that can match capacity with demand via high frequency ‘platoons’ of passenger pods. Its narrow and flexible footprint minimises the need for earthworks, costly tunnels and large stations. https://urbanmass.co.uk/about-us.php


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