Urban.MASS Founder Ricky Sandhu named in ‘World’s Top 50 Innovators’


London, UK — Urban.MASS and sister company, Urban-Air Port, two leading mobility business focused on low carbon transit, are proud to announce that Founder and Chairman, Ricky Sandhu, has been honoured as one of the 'World's Top 50 Innovators' by Codex. Ricky’s dedication to ethical, sustainable, and disruptive design and technology has garnered international recognition, and he’ll speak alongside industry leaders at Codex Talks in London this May.

A graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture, Ricky became one of the youngest equity partners at Foster + Partners before establishing Urban.MASS in 2020. With a commitment to zero-emission, inclusive design and technology, Ricky’s leadership has propelled Urban.MASS to the forefront of the mobility revolution.

“I’m thrilled to be recognized among the top innovators worldwide,” he said. “Our mission at Urban.MASS is to revolutionise transportation through cutting-edge technology and design, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and creating a healthier planet for all.”

Ricky will be sharing his insights at Codex Talks, focusing on advanced air mobility landing infrastructure and autonomous mass transit. Joining a prestigious panel of industry leaders, together they will address the Future of Mobility by examining How to Cut CO2 emissions from Transportation, the impact of AI & Web3 on future Mobility and Infrastructure for Tomorrow (i4t).  The event will feature distinguished speakers, including Yunus Jabalpurwala from Honda R&D Europe (UK) Ltd, Grant Ray from Group14 Technologies, Hakan Lutz from Luvly AB, and Andras Galffy from Turbulence Solutions. Previous speakers at the event have included the leading minds in the world of Tech including hundreds of industry leading CEO’s, Nobel laureates and Chief Scientists, along with figures from academia, tech, manufacturing and aviation.

“It's an honour to share the stage with such incredible innovators,” added Ricky. “It’s a fantastic programme for the three-day event in May. Together, this is the community that is shaping the future of mobility and driving positive change on a global scale.”

Urban.MASS is dedicated to designing and delivering affordable, accessible, and connected mass transit solutions, including the innovative Floc® Duo Rail® system. By reducing congestion and pollution, Urban.MASS is paving the way for a sustainable transportation revolution.

Notes to Editors:

  • About Urban.MASS: A UK-based mobility business focused on the design and delivery of innovative, zero-emission mass transit solutions. Urban.MASS was founded to create affordable, accessible and connected mass transit for all, and to reduce congestion and pollution from passenger and cargo transport. Products include the Floc® Duo Rail® system, a flexible transit system that can match capacity with demand via high frequency ‘platoons’ of passenger pods. Its narrow and flexible footprint minimises the need for earthworks, costly tunnels and large stations. https://urbanmass.co.uk/about-us.php
  • About Codex: Codex’s mission is to inspire technology leaders and entrepreneurs to apply their collective imaginations to deliver technologies that will continue to transform our lives. To view the full programme and speakers, see: https://www.codex.com/worlds-top-50-innovators-2024/


Further enquiries: Stuart Bloomfield, Urban.MASS on +420 602 662 131 or email, stuart.bloomfield@urbanmass.co.uk